88 Key Weighted Keyboard for Christmas

What I want for Christmas is a keyboard piano 88 keys

digital piano keyboardMy parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas as, it’s always difficult for them and they like to get something that I would like. That’s important for them that the present should be useful and not frivolous. My dad is easy than my mum when it comes to getting something that I would like. You see my mum who considers vacuum cleaners, laundry items and things line that to have a practical value, which they. But they’re not fun.

I have to be careful with mum otherwise I end up with underpants, which I don’t wear or handkerchiefs, which I don’t use.

Learning to Play a 88 Key Digital Piano

I’ve been learning the piano for the last 9 months. I’m doing it the right way – taking lessons and practising at my girlfriend’s house. But it’s not the same as having your own piano at home. Apiano that’s always there whenever you want to play it.

Online piano courses

Get to know the layout of your piano.

So Christmas Present is sorted

hands playing pianoSo that’s my Christmas present from my parents, a piano. Now I know a piano is not cheap. My parents aren’t millionaires either so I will to go half with them.

But to be honest I don’t have room for a descent sized piano, so a digital piano will have to do. I’ve already visited some musical instrument shops out in the mall. The digital pianos I tried actually sound very good. I was surprised just how good they now are. As they say technology just keeps improving evrything.

What does the sustain pedal do?

But a minimum requirement for me is a digital piano with a full set of octaves. And that requires the keyboard to have 88 keys. 88 keys gives a full piano experience.

The best 88 key keyboard for Christmas

This web site http://keyboardpiano88keys.com Has review of full 88 key keyboards. And even better they have the ideal Christmas present. 88 key keyboard for Christmas

That site really helps me with arranging for the right piano keyboard being ordered. Now all I have to do is to make sure my mother and father go to that website and get the site’s Christmas special recommendation. Then I’ll get the gift I want and no mistakes.

High End 88 Key Digital Pianos

music score for pianoThere are better keyboards, there always will be. But you have to spend a lot more. Plus as they get bigger and more bulky. This would not be ideal for me.

I want something that’s good but also small and portable. The one I’ve selected fits the bill. And I can play it with headphones on, so I won’t annoy anyone if I play late at night. Another important factor for me is a 88 key weighted keyboard. This really does make the digital piano feel tactile, just like the real instrument and akes moving from digital to traditional piano so much easier.

And finally pianos were meant to be played, not looked at. And this piano, when I get it, will certainly be played and often.

Learn Christmas carols on your piano