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kettle variable temperature

old fashioned kettleThe humble Kettle

So you need a new kettle, right? A kettle boils water, so why not get the cheapest kettle that just heats water. After all boiling water is just that – boiling. No need to overthink this.

You’re partially right and you can go ahead and order a simple functional kettle. Job done. But there’s more and I’m going to tell you about that right now.

For those people who have just landed on planet earth, here’s how you boil water without a kettle

Hot and boiling Water form One Device

It starts with the water that you put into your kettle. You fill the kettle from the tap in your kitchen. But did you know that the majority of us live in hard water areas?

Hard water contains mineral salts that come out of the water as the water heats up. That’s the white hard chalky bits that build up in the bottom of the kettle. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Find out more about instant boiling water taps.

Hot faucetBut First Make your Water Soft

There are devices that you can get, plumbed into your water system that turn hard water into soft water. Like the ones you can see here in this water softener system This has a whole host of benefits that I won’t go into here but you can see some of these here Benefits of a Water Softener. All you need to know about hard water.

But back to kettles, we’ve fixed the limescale deposit issue (if you take the recommended steps above). What about boiling?

steaming hot coffeeSetting the Temperature in your Kettle

You don’t always need to boil the water, you just need to get it hot. But how hot is not? Well the good news is that there are now variable temperature kettles and there’s plenty to choose from and there’s an a great online source that you can check out; take a look at kettle, variable temperature control.

These kettles let you set the temperature you want on degrees Fahrenheit or degrees centigrade. And they will keep it at that temperature, for you to use, for several minutes.

If you want to go really high tech, some of these models connect to a smartphone using an app. You can set the temperature and switch the kettle on from your cell phone and the app beeps when the water has reached the set temperature. How cool is that? Take a look at the very best five products that are available today here electric kettle with temperature controls

Or you can go “last century” and get a cheap kettle!!!

Kettles down the ages

The English language School

Studying English

The study of English is wide and broad. It is easily assumed that it is just a simple language that can just be spoken carelessly and all is well. Wait until you get into an English Language School and realize that that is not the case. It has several branches that are hooked up into it. So what does the study of English in an English school entail?

English Literature

In an English class, it is of the utmost importance for the student to have a knowledge of English literature. This helps the student to master the language much better than when it is left out. The study of literature is important since it jogs the brain of the learner to think in English. The student is exposed to stories whether real or fiction, and they are supposed to follow the events and be able to either narrate the story as told in their words or they are supposed to answer questions at the end of the story.

These stories can either be short ancient stories, or they can be in the form of a book. Most of the books have been selected in a specified order on the students journey through the English class. The story reading and narration help the teacher to be able to study the ability of the student in mastering the English language.

English Composition

This is the where the student is taught how to write a composition in the basic English expression. They are made to write essays that should be understood by another party which is not on the course. They should be able to express themselves in written form or essay form. The teacher gives the student a topic to write about and then allows them a given duration of time for them to be able to come up with an essay about that topic.

Teaching English

The teacher should be able to evaluate if the student has their tenses in the correct format and their sentences are well constructed. They gauge the student according to a marking scheme that has been laid down. Mistakes are corrected, and the student most often is allowed to re-write it, or they move to the next level after going through the corrections.

During the study of English, the student should also be able to master the language course as per the rules and regulations of the language. They need to know how to correctly connect the clauses to make up sentences that can be understood by all. They need to know the spellings of different words and their different in pronunciations, especially of synonyms. The student should also make it a point to know how to use punctuation marks correctly.